Energies in an Expanding Universe

The Law of Conservation of Energy says that energy is not created or destroyed. It’s just there. All the time. The same amount. Always. Every day. There’s no more. There’s no less. 

It basically bounces around being different kinds of energy. Going where it’s needed. Getting transferred from place to place during its eternal journey. Getting transformed into another energy—potential to kinetic to thermal to kinetic to potential to thermal to kinetic to potential. 

(It doesn’t want to sell anything bought or processed; or buy anything sold or processed; or process anything sold, bought, or processed; or repair anything sold, bought, or processed.) 

This is great news because now I know naps are energy. 

But it’s also kind of freaky because there’s a finite amount of energy.  An amount that’s either unmeasurable or zero? A pyramid scheme. 

I don’t need any of that Shaklee shit.

—John Emerson

You can’t create or destroy energy. I can’t create or destroy energy. It’s a sure thing. 

It’s the law. 

Even the expansion of the universe doesn’t create energy. The universe expands, making stars or galaxies move away from each other THUS decreasing gravitational energy and transferring or transforming that energy into another kind of energy. I looked into it, but I got in over my head. Probably kinetic because of movement. I don’t even like science.

The point is, this is happening around us all the time. It’s happening to us. Or we’re happening to it. It’s like a tug-of-war where everyone gets a participation trophy. Deserved. Truly, all you can do is participate.

If you can’t create it or destroy it, you might as well flow through it—as a courtesy to the universe. Take a look around. Poke at it. Use it. Then stop and let your potential build. 

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